CD News

In 2018 Cyclodextrin News was transformed to an independent website.
Cyclodextrin News was started by Prof. Szejtli in 1987. After sending the printed version to the subscribers by regular mail (1987–2005), then sending the pdf via e-mail it became available online in 2013. (The latest volumes are still available online (2013–2018), see below, and even the issues published earlier can be obtained on personal demand via e-mail.)

The CyclodextrinNews blog continues to inform the readers interested in the cyclodextrins in the form of short posts. These posts are categorized as “Pharma applications”, “Non-pharma applications”, “CD derivatives”, “Events” and “E-ducation” and appear in reverse chronological order. The blog is a forum for researchers, students and applicants in the field of cyclodextrin technology. It works in an interactive way: readers not only have the possibility to comment on the existing posts but also to write new posts on any cyclodextrin-related topic.
2013. Please find here the former CD News editorial titles between 1986 and 2012. Contact us to receive any of the former issues.