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The largest inventory of fine chemical, standard and pharma grade cyclodextrins derivatives from mg to kg scale, maltooligormes, fluorescent tagged cyclodextrins, single isomers, polymers and special HPLC columns for their qualification.

Our Services

CycloLab Ltd. offers its services in the following categories. If you have any special request that you cannot find, please contact us.    
Pharmaceutical Product Development
Customization of CD-enabled pharmaceutical formulations, life-cycle management
Non-Pharmaceutical Development
CD-enabled product development for the food, biotechnology, cosmetic and veterinary industries
Analytical Services
Method development, validation, routine release testing, consultancy
Custom Cyclodextrin Synthesis
Exclusive manufacture, unique synthetic routes, self-tailored products and characteristics
Commercially available USP N.F. and EP compliant Betadex Sulfobutyl Ether Sodium manufactured under cGMP conditions. We also provide corresponding development services and reference materials for the qualification.

News and events

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First experiments in space for Covid-19 drug research

news 25 November, 2020
Hungarian companies InnoStudio Inc. and CycloLab Ltd. are going to investigate the potential effect of microgravity on the complex formation properties of remdesivir and SBECD.

CycloLab at Biotechgate

events 16 November, 2020
Biotechgate Digital Partnering to be held on November 23-26, 2020 provides the opportunity for digital partnering and establishing new global connections thanks to pre-arranged one-on-one ZOOM meetings. Cyclolab will participate.

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CycloLab at CPhI China 2020

news 11 November, 2020
CPhI China & P-MEC China 2020 Virtual Expo Connect show will take place in Shanghai from 16th – 18th December, and a digital extension of the event – known as “Virtual Expo Connect” – will take place online from November 18th - December 18th.


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