Non-Pharmaceutical Development

CD-enabled product development for the food, biotechnology, cosmetic and veterinary industries

Cyclodextrins have been used in food products
and nutraceutics for decades as stabilizers for
flavors and colorants, solubilizers of vitamins and
lipophilic components, taste and odor maskers or
to improve hygroscopicity, powder properties,
even as dietary fibers. Alpha-, beta- and gamma
cyclodextrins are on the GRAS list.

Uses of cyclodextrins in biotechnology
fields include solubilizing substrates,
intensifying enzymatic conversion, yield
improvement or product-inhibited reactions,
utilization in serum-free culture media and
stabilization/solubilization of proteins.

The cosmetic industry applies cyclodextrins to
replace organic solvents in solubilization, to extend
release of odors and flavors, to transform liquids and
oils into powders, to prevent products from heat, light
or oxidation and to stabilize emulsions and suspensions.

Similarly to pharma, cyclodextrins are also present in veterinary
medications as solubilizers and stabilizers of small and big
molecules but also as additives in vaccines and in products
of vitamins and essential oils and also as cryopreservatives.

The major advantages cyclodextrins offer in agricultural
applications are improvement of wettability, solubility, stability
and bioavailability. CDs can efficiently prolong product shelf-life,
ensure content uniformity, reduce the applied dose and
thereby environmental pollution.

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