György Tibor Balogh, DSc, PhD, MBA

Scientific Advisor
György T. Balogh graduated as a chemical- and a bioengineer from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary, where he obtained his PhD in 2003. He is doctor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences from 2020. His research interest is in optimizing drug-like compounds and its formulation and specifically pharmacokinetic parameters of lead compounds using in vitro non-cell based, ex vivo and in silico models. He has written 5 book sections, and (co)-authored over 100 scientific articles, reviews, and patents, Hirsch-index: 20.
He is currently a Scientific Advisor of the company and a full professor in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Process Engineering at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary, and also scientific advisor and PhD student’s fellow in the Department of Pharmacology and Biopharmacy at University of Szeged, Hungary.