Zoltán FÜLÖP, Ph.D.

Senior Research Chemist
Zoltán joined Cyclolab in 2018 as a Senior Formulation Scientist. He graduated as a chemical engineer at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He started working with cyclodextrin formulations in 2011 when he moved to Reykjavík, Iceland to work with Thorsteinn Loftsson studying cyclodextrin nanoparticles. He received the PhD in pharmaceutical sciences in 2014 at the University of Iceland. He stayed in Iceland for a couple more years for a postdoc project and then worked for an Icelandic startup company called Oculis in the development of nano/microparticulate eye drops containing gamma-cyclodextrin which is currently in Phase 3. His main interests next to solubilization with cyclodextrins are cyclodextrin nano- and microparticles and the solid inclusion complexes in pharmaceutical formulations. He is author, co-author of 9 scientific papers, many conference presentations and 3 patents / patent applications. The total number of citations of his papers is over 360.