(CODE: CY-R-2005.1)

Price: € 105.21 / mg

Abbreviation: RBITC-NH-HPBCD
CAS Number: -
Product Number: CY-R-2005.1
Cyclodextrin type: Fluorescent cyclodextrins
Quality: fine chemical grade
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from 1 mg 0% € 105.21 / mg
Chemical and Physical Description
Average Molecular Formula C42H71-n-mNO34 ∙ (C29H31ClN3O3S)n ∙ (C3H7O)m
Average Formula Weight 1134.0 + n∙(536.0) + m∙(58.1)
Possible impurities 6-deoxy-6-monoamino-HPBCD, free dye
(in 100 cm3 solvent, at 25 °C)
Water: soluble
Absorbance λmax: 555 nm
λex: 540 nm
λex: 625 nm
Test Method Range
Appearance Visual slight to strong violet powder
Average Degree of Substitution for RBITC (n) NMR (EP 2.2.33) 0.5 - 1.0
Average Degree of Substitution for (2-hydroxy)propyl groups (m) NMR (EP 2.2.33) 2.0 - 5.0
free dye content

CE (EP 2.2.47)
CE (EP 2.2.47)

< 0.3%
< 20%
Comments: only for reagent and laboratory purposes, not for human use.
The rhodaminyl moiety is located at C(6). The product is highly hygroscopic and is dried to constant weight under 100 mbar vacuum at 50 ˚C.

Description: The fluorophore (5/6 isomeric mixture) is attached on the primary hydroxyl rim of the cyclodextrin, via a chemically stable thioureido group. (2-hydroxy)propylation is random, but almost exclusively on the secondary hydroxyl rim. The material is water soluble, it dissolves in methanol, DMF, DMSO but it precipitates in acetone.

Applications: Chemosensor, fluorescent microscopy, host-guest complexation, femtosecond processes, transmembrane processes.

Storage: at 2-8 ˚C temperature, protected from direct light and heat in a tightly closed dark glass container.

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