(CODE: CY-1205)

Abbreviation: Sualphadex
CAS Number: -
Product Number: CY-1205
Cyclodextrin type: analytical standard
Quality: analytical standard
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Chemical and Physical Description
Molecular Formula C54H84-nNanO36S6
Formula Weight 1502 + n·22
(in 100 cm3 solvent, at 25 °C)
Water: soluble
Tests and methods Requirements
Identification 1 LC-MS conforms to theoretical mass
Identification 2 NMR; EP 2.2.33 conforms to theoretical structure
Identification 3 IR; EP 2.2.24 conforms to theoretical structure
Purity HPLC1; EP 2.2.29 >90%
Other cyclodextrin-related impurities HPLC1; EP 2.2.29 <10%
Sodium formate content CE; EP 2.2.47 <3%
Sodium content CE; EP 2.2.47 <10%
Residual solvents TGM-MS <10%
Purity calculated2 to be reported
1 HPLC analysis is carried out on an Agilent Poroshell column, with H3PO/ NH3 buffer system at pH=2.6 and UV-Vis detection
2 Calculated purity = 100% - (Other cyclodextrin-related impurities + Sodium formate content + Residual solvents)

IMPORTANT: the compound is supplied in slightly acidic form for stability reasons; the actual molar sodium content (n) is indicated on the Certificate of Analysis of each batch.

Notes: the compound is a single isomer.
Comments: only for reagent and laboratory purposes, not for human use.
Storage: at -20 °C, under inert atmosphere, in tightly closed container.