Rhodamine labeled carboxymethyl-BCD soluble polymer crosslinked with epichlorohydrin

(CODE: CY-RL-2010)

Price: € 2 171.93 / g

Abbreviation: (RBITC-NH-BCD/CMBCD)PS
CAS Number: -
Product Number: CY-RL-2010
Cyclodextrin type: Fluorescent cyclodextrins, cyclodextrin polymers
Quality: fine chemical grade
for 2 171.93  EUR
Volume Volume Discount Price
from 1 g 0% € 2 171.93 / g
Chemical and Physical Description
Possible impurities Rhodamine, CD monomers
(in 100 cm3 solvent, at 25 °C)
Water: freely soluble
Cyclodextrin content (estimate)  50 - 70%
Absorbance λmax: 557 nm
λex: 518 nm
λem: 530 - 800 nm
Test Method Range
Appearance Visual slight to dark violet powder
Average Molecular Weight Light scattering, Malvern to be reported
Mean Globule diameter (by volume) Light scattering, Malvern to be reported
Average Degree of Substitution for carboxymethyl groups CE (EP 2.2.47) 3.0 - 5.0
Loss on drying EP 2.2.32 < 10%
Comments: only for reagent and laboratory purposes, not for human use.
The product is hygroscopic.

Description: The fluorophore (5/6 isomeric mixture) is attached ramdomly either on the CD scaffolds or on the cross-linkers. The fluorophore labeled macrocycle content is ~ 1% w/w. The carboxymethyl groups are attached exclusively to the CD scaffolds. The carboxymethylation is random, but almost exclusively of the polimer and can be a potential place for further modification of the structure.
The cooperative interactions of the CD-based polymeric network increase the possibility of solubilization of large substrates, while the fluorescent labeling makes the compound trackable. The product is highly water soluble. 

Applications: Fluorescent microscopy, solubilizer for photosensitizer, femtosecond processes, transmembrane processes, pharmaceutical and biological tool.

Storage: at 4 ˚C , protected from direct light and heat in a tightly closed dark glass container.

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