Soluble (2-hydroxy-3-N,N,N-trimethylamino)propyl-beta-cyclodextrin polymer

(CODE: CY-2231)

Abbreviation: QABCDPS
CAS Number: -
Product Number: CY-2231
Cyclodextrin type: Cyclodextrin polimers
Quality: fine chemical grade
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Chemical and Physical Description
Possible impurities   (1,2-Dihydroxy-3-N,N,N-trimethylamino)propane, sodium chloride  
(in 100 cm3 solvent, at 25 °C)  
Water: soluble
Cyclodextrin content (estimated)   50 - 70%  
Test   Method   Range
Appearance   Visual   white to yellowish powder  
Average Molecular Weight   Static light scattering to be reported
Average Degree of Substitution for quaternary ammonium groups   NMR (EP 2.2.33)   0.1 - 2.0  
Loss on drying   EP 2.2.32   < 15%  
Comments: only for reagent and laboratory purposes, not for human use.

Storage: at room temperature, in tightly closed container.

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