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News 14 June, 2017
Please observe that this issue has been compiled in a novel format.
You know that so far a comprehensive (and overwhelming) list of the recent cyclodextrin-related papers classified into 7 chapters (synthesis, complexes, drugs, food and cosmetics, industry and analysis) was presented with bibliographic data and keywords.
Now a narrower selection of the recent publications is communicated in more detail. We aimed to collect the contributions on hot topics.
Please, share your thoughts and let us know if you agree with these changes by answering a few questions in our short survey. Your opinion will be respected and carefully considered when finalizing the novel form of the journal.
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The editorial is now on "Effect of inorganic salts on the inclusion complex formation and solubilizing potency of cyclodextrins”. View the current issue here:
May 2017, Vol. 31 No. 05.