RotaChrom Technologies Partners With Cyclolab to Increase Production of COVID-19 Treatment

News 11 February, 2021
RotaChrom Technologies, the developer of the world's first industrial-scale Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) technology platform, announced today the launch of a collaboration with Cyclolab Cyclodextrin Research and Development Laboratory Ltd. (“Cyclolab''), a cyclodextrin research, development and manufacturing company. This strategic partnership between Cyclolab and RotaChrom aims to develop a more efficient and cost-effective process to purify Remdesivir, which is a widely used treatment option for COVID-19.
The partnership will combine RotaChrom’s scalable CPC technology with Cyclolab’s knowledge and experience with cyclodextrins. The scalable system that will be utilized for this collaboration includes RotaChrom’s pilot-scale centrifugal partition chromatographic, known as the rCPC, that utilizes an innovative methodology of chromatography where separation occurs between two immiscible liquid phases, offering several advantages compared to more traditional methods. The result is a more purified compound of interest at a lower cost due to increased efficiency and automation. Read more: