Ronald C.D. Breslow passed away

News 8 November, 2017
Ronald Breslow, professor at Columba University passed away on October 25. Among his various research in organic chemistry he made significant achievements in cyclodextrin chemistry, mainly on enzyme mimics, as well. He is considered one of the founders of biomimetic chemistry.
His papers on cyclodextrins (>100) contributed to understanding the CD-catalyzed reactions. The various dimers with catalytic properties, metalloporphyrin-CD catalysts, ribonuclease and transaminase mimics, artificial Cytochrom P-450 are only a few among his research results reviewed by him in 2010*.
* Cyclodextrins, Chapter 2. 43-65, In: Molecular Encapsulations, Eds. Udo Berinker; Jean-Luc Mieusset, Wiley, Chichester UK, 2010; DOI:10.1002/9780470664872.fmatter