New publications with the participation of CycloLab

News 28 September, 2020
The following papers have been recently published in cooperation with different research groups:
  • Extraction of mycotoxin alternariol from red wine and from tomato juice with beta-cyclodextrin bead polymer
    E Fliszár-Nyúl, Á Szabó, L Szente, M Poór
    Journal of Molecular Liquids, 114180.
  • Highly enhanced curcumin delivery applying association type nanostructures of block copolymers, cyclodextrins, and polycyclodextrins
    NZ Nagy, Z Varga, J Mihály, A Domján, É Fenyvesi and É Kiss
    Polymers2020, 12(9), 2167;
  • Investigation of cytotoxicity and cell uptake of cationic beta-cyclodextrins as valid tools in nasal delivery
    G Rassu, S Fancello, M Roldo, M Malanga, L Szente, R Migheli, E Gavini, P Giunchedi
    Pharmaceutics 12 (7), 658.
  • Adsorption of sulfamethazine drug onto the modified derivatives of carbon nanotubes at different pH.
    S Kunsági-Máté, P Noveczky, L Szente, B Lemli
    Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) 25 (11). 
  • Modulation of plasma membrane composition and microdomain organization impairs heat shock protein expression in B16-F10 mouse melanoma cells
    T Crul, B Csoboz, I Gombos, A Marton, M Peter, G Balogh, C Vizler, L Szente, L Vigh
    Cells 9 (4), 951.