New publications by participation of CycloLab

News 11 March, 2020

The following papers have been recently published in cooperation with various research groups:

Characterization of direct cyclodextrin effects on voltage-gated potassium channels
F Zakany, T Kovacs, T Sohajda, L Szente, P Nagy, G Panyi, Z Varga
Biophysical Journal 118 (3), 263a-264a

 Removal of hazardous micropollutants from treated wastewater using cyclodextrin bead polymer–A pilot demonstration case
É Fenyvesi, K Barkács, K Gruiz, E Varga, I Kenyeres, G Záray, L Szente
Journal of hazardous materials 383, 121181


Encapsulation of sulfamethazine by native and randomly methylated β-cyclodextrins: The role of the dipole properties of guests
HM Ameen, S Kunsági-Máté, L Szente, B Lemli
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 225, 117475