Large-ring cyclodextrins in the CycloLab's portfolio

News 1 October, 2018
Large-ring cyclodextrins  (LR-CD) consisting of ten (CD10, cyclomaltodecaose, ε-CD) to twelve glycopyranose units (CD12, cyclomaltododecaose, η-CD) have not been available previously in any larger amounts, but now these novel carbohydrate molecules are available at CycloLab.  
Some examples for using LR-CD:
  • Complexation of CD10 to CD12 with guest compounds has already been reported with benzoate derivatives, salicylate and ibuprofen (Larsen et al., Carbohydrate Research, 309:153-159, 1998).
  • CD10 and CD11 also complexed dodecaborate anions with micromolar to millimolar binding affinities (Assaf et al. , Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 14 (32):7702–7706, 2016).
  • CD12 was reported to form complexes with single-wall carbon nanotubes (Dodziuk et al. , Chemical communications (Cambridge, England), (8):986–987, 2003).
  • CD10 to CD12 could furthermore be candidates for applications as novel chiral selectors (Wistuba et al. , Electrophoresis 27 (21):4359–4363, 2006).