György Kéri passed away

News 26 July, 2016
The world-wide recognized biochemist, Professor of Semmelweis University, György Kéri (66) passed away on 20th July after a long fight against an incurable disease. His outstanding research in the field of cell signaling therapy and related pharmaceuticals made him famous among professionals
He developed several compounds, kinase inhibitors for clinical trials including sunitinib, which was approved by FDA for the treatment of renal cell carcinoma and imatinib-resistant gastrointestinal stromal tumor in 2006. Sunitinib was the first cancer drug simultaneously approved for two different indications. He was member of several national and international biotechnology organizations and editor of Current Signal transduction Therapy and of Current Opinion in Molecular Therapeutics and some other journals. He founded Vichem in 1999 to develop kinase inhibitor library and a hit-finding technology called Nested Chemical Library™. He has recently developed at Vichem the DriverHit Library™ for inhibiting the signaling pathways activated by cancer driver genes or mutated tumor suppressor genes. CycloLab has been collaborating with Vichem for years. We have been working together in the Marie Curie Initial Training (CyclonHIt) project.

We will miss him.


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