First experiments in space for Covid-19 drug research

News 25 November, 2020
Hungarian companies InnoStudio Inc. and CycloLab Ltd. are going to investigate the potential effect of microgravity on the complex formation properties of remdesivir and SBECD.
The experiments in space aim to tailor the physico-chemical formulation process in order to reach elevated drug efficiency for COVID-19 treatment. Moreover, the potential enhancement of the remdesivir-SBECD ratio in the drug (i.e., lowering SBECD intake) will contribute to its lower risk application for coronavirus infected patients with decreased renal functions.

The companies will use research facilities of Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation (JP) and Space Applications Services (BE) and will launch their remdesivir samples to the European Space Agency’s Columbus module on the International Space Station (ISS) by the SpaceX Dragon cargo resupply mission (CRS-21) in early December 2020.

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