CycloLab’s submission to InnoCentive Challenge 9934291 - New Technologies to Prevent the Transmission of Coronavirus led to a favorable evaluation.

News 18 September, 2020
CycloLab’s proposal aimed at new technology to improve mask performance against novel viruses such as SARS, MERS, and COVID-19 by using cyclodextrin.
Our concept is a virus-targeting technology: impregnating the masks with a proper cyclodextrin having lipid-chelator properties which upon contact will remove the lipids, especially cholesterol from the viral envelope thus reducing its infectivity. So, when the droplets carrying the virus become small enough to get through the pores of the mask they are not able to infect the patient any more. Also, the airborne particles will interact with the cyclodextrin on the mask while flying through the pores and this will change the lipid composition of the virus particles that become no longer infectious.