CycloLab picks up the gauntlet to fight coronavirus

News 9 April, 2020
The unexpected and sudden outbreak along with the quick spread of the coronavirus disease and rapid increase of the cases draw a sudden need for SBECD globally. CycloLab is now making extra efforts and has started manufacturing campaigns with extra shifts to do its best in these troubled times.
Since the beginning of January, we have been in discussion with multiple partners who are all involved in this fight with a common goal and established a strategy to support them in their trials and treatments. From Cyclolab’s perspective, this technically means that we are manufacturing Dexolve with a forced march and make as much of the product in 4 weeks as we typically do in 3-4 months, which translates to the metric ton range. In the meantime, we are making efforts to even improve this support in case this is just the beginning and the situation gets worse. It should also be noted that these needs are mostly to cover the ongoing and upcoming clinical trials. Should the remdesivir get approved, the needs would definitely further increase and standardize on the long term. Of course, we cannot know what the future would bring, yet we are prepared to support this fight and are bending every effort, therefore.