CycloLab at ICS 2022

News 23 June, 2022

CycloLab participated at the 20th International Cyclodextrin Symposium with 6 researchers. The total number of the Hungarian participants from 4 universities and 2 companies was 17.

According to the abstract book, CycloLab researchers were among the authors of altogether 25 presentations: keynote (1), oral (10) flash (3) and poster (11) in collaboration with various academic research institutes, universities and companies.

Continuing the traditions, Szejtli prize was awarded to young scientists for their outstanding contribution to the cyclodextrin research. The main objective of the prize given in every second year during the International Cyclodextrin Symposia to preserve the memory of Prof. József Szejtli, the big cyclodextrin chemist who initiated the industrial production and applications and left a remarkable footprint in the development of cyclodextrins. This time two awardees were celebrated: Aurore Fraix (Catania University, laboratory of Prof. Salvatore Sortino) received the 2020 Szejtli prize and Angela Scala (University of Messina, laboratory of Prof. Antonino Mazzaglia) obtained the 2022 Szejtli prize. The awardees showed high activity in the research of cyclodextrin-based photoactivatable drug delivery systems and of amphiphilic cyclodextrin derivatives and nanoparticles, respectively. Prof. Lajos Szente, successor of Prof. József Szejtli in CycloLab gave an unscheduled talk on the life and achievements of Prof. József Szejtli (1933–2004) for those who could not meet this internationally recognized scientist, the “Godfather of Cyclodextrins”, personally.