Culture of Chemistry

News 30 November, 2016
The book includes specially selected articles that previously appeared in The Chemical Intelligencer magazine published in the period of 1995–2000 [1]. Excerpts of these Editor's choice chapters chronicle the culture and history of chemistry, featuring great chemists and discoverers.
Contributors from among the best-known authors of the chemistry community, including numerous Nobel laureates. Features behind the scenes stories about pivotal discoveries, intricacies of laboratory life and interactions among scientists, favorite recipes of renowned researchers, life histories and anecdotes. Chapters detail the human side of science but also present scientific information communicated in an easy-to-perceive and entertaining way. This unique book is not only aimed at chemists but individuals who are interested in the cultural aspects of our science.

The paper of József Szejtli published in 1999 was also selected as part of the cultural heritage in chemistry:

Szejtli J (2015) In B. Hargittai and I. Hargittai (eds.), Culture of Chemistry: The Best Articles on the Human Side of 20th-Century Chemistry from the Archives of the Chemical Intelligencer, Springer Science+Business Media New York, pp 261-269 (DOI 10.1007/978-1-4899-7565-2_50)