4000 Reads of book chapter on SBECD

News 3 February, 2020
The book chapter on ”Sulfobutylether-cyclodextrins: Structure, degree of substitution and functional performance” complied by CycloLab’s scientists in 2015 has reached a milestone of 4000 reads on ResearchGate.
This chapter not only gives detailed information on the structure, analysis and solubilizing performance of SBECDs but also compares the two approved solubilizing agents: SBEBCD and HPBCD.
I. Puskás, E. Varga, K. Tuza, J. Szemán, É. Fenyvesi, T. Sohajda, L. Szente, Sulfobutylether-cyclodextrins: Structure, degree of substitution and functional performance. In: F.G. Ramirez (Ed.) Cyclodextrins. Synthesis, Chemical Applications and Role in Drug Delivery, Nova Science Publishers, New York, 2015.

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