CycloLab participates the 21st International Cyclodextrin Symposium

Events 6 May, 2024
CycloLab will be represented by an oral and four poster presentations on the 21st International Cyclodextrin Symposium to be held on 10-14 June 2024 in Dunkerque, France:
  • New analytical techniques/solutions for cyclodextrins analysis (Erzsébet Varga, oral)
  • New method to determining the degree of substitution of for various cyclodextrin derivatives with HPLC-CAD using inverse gradient (Erzsébet Varga, poster)
  • Synthesis and analysis of 6-mono-alkylthio-alpha-cyclodextrin derivatives for quorum sensing (István Kese, poster)
  • Synthesis of folate-modified cyclodextrins, new potential targeted drug-delivery systems (Dominika Herr, poster)
  • Comprehensive study on quorum quenching activity of cyclodextrins in the Aliivibrio fischeri model system (Monika Molnár, poster)