Conference attendance in June and July

Events 14 June, 2017
Cyclolab's staff will attend quite a few important meetings in the coming weeks and deliver talks and posters on hot topics in connection with cyclodextrin applications. Please, let us know if you are interested to meet us and discuss potential collaboration.
HPLC 2017, Prague, June 18-22
Julianna Szemán (QC, poster): HPLC Analysis of Folate Appended Cyclodextrins
Erzsébet Varga (QC, poster, lecture): Single-isomer cyclodextrin derivatives in chiral capillary electrophoresis: the past, the present and the future
Eurocarb 2017, Barcelona, July 2-6
Milo Malanga (Synthesis, poster): Visualizing cyclodextrins in biological environments: syntheses and imaging of selected probes
Drug Discovery & Therapy World Congress 2017, Boston, July 10-13
Lajos Szente (CEO, lecture): Therapeutic and Diagnostic Utility of Cyclodextrin Derivatives
Drug Delivery Systems-2017, Prague, July 12-14
István Puskás (Formulations, lecture): Benefits and Limitations of Using Cyclodextrins in Drug Formulations