Cyclodextrin-enabled Product Development

Services 16 March, 2017
Customization of CD-enabled formulations, life-cycle management
Incorporating new active
molecules into final products
might prove challenging: stability, solubility, bioavailability, etc.
issues may arise. Several
attributes of these substances
can be favorably altered
by cyclodextrins.

Cyclodextrins themselves
can also be utilized as APIs in
certain cases, well supported
by recent findings.
CycloLab offers conducting
interaction studies to select the
most effective cyclodextrin for
your molecule, proof of concept
studies and development of a
new formulation with the
selected cyclodextrin.
The developed formulation is
optimized and preliminary stability
studies are performed. CycloLab
also supports its customers with all
analytical aspects related to the
formulation, reporting to authorities,
IP issues (including life cycle
management) and relevant
Once the new formulation is
finalized, CycloLab can assist
you with the manufacturing of
the selected cyclodextrin
even under cGMP conditions,
conducting in vitro
bioequivalence studies, etc.
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