Custom Cyclodextrin Synthesis

Services 16 March, 2017
Exclusive manufacture, unique synthetic routes, self-tailored products and characteristics
CycloLab with its more than 40-year experience in cyclodextrin synthesis offers more than 150 different cyclodextrin (CD) derivatives! Upon customer's special request, our synthetic unit offers:
  • Custom synthesis of derivatives which are not on our standard product lists
  • Taylor-made cyclodextrin derivatives with special substituents or substitution pattern
  • Development and optimization of purification and isolation methods
  • Preparation of cyclodextrin derivatives optimized for a particular target guest molecule
  • Derivatized maltooligomers and special glucose derivatives derived from cyclodextrins
  • Cyclodextrin-assisted organic syntheses
  • Reproduction and evaluation of syntheses reported in the literature
  • Standardized preparation methods
  • Scaling-up synthetic procedures for the preparation of selected CD derivatives
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