6-deoxy-6-(2-((methylcarboxy)ethyl)thio)-heptakis(6-deoxy-6-(2-carboxyethyl)thio)-gamma-cyclodextrin sodium salt

(CODE: CY-3209)

Price: € 190.00 / mg

Abbreviation: Mono-COOMe-SGM
CAS Number: -
Product Number: CY-3209
Cyclodextrin type: analitical standard
Quality: analytical standard
for 190.00  EUR
Volume Volume Discount Discount Price
from 1 mg 0% 0% € 190.00 / mg
from 50 mg 8% 0% € 173.00 / mg
from 100 mg 13% 0% € 164.00 / mg
Chemical and Physical Description
Molecular Formula C73H107O48S8Na7
Formula Weight 2170.1
(in 100 cm3 solvent, at 25 °C)
Water: soluble
Test Method Range
Identification A LC-MS corresponds to theoretical mass
Identification B NMR corresponds to theoretical structure
Identification C IR corresponds to theoretical structure
Purity* HPLC >95%
Other CD related  impurities* HPLC <5%
Sodium content CE <10%
Residual solvents TGM-MS <15%
*HPLC analysis was carried out on Agilent poroshell column, with H3PO4/NH3 buffer system at pH=2.6.
Comments: only for reagent and laboratory purposes, not for human use.
Storage: at -20°C, under inert atmosphere, in tightly closed container.

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